April 13, 2009

WRTA Sets Stage for Bright New Future; Debuts New Logo & Website

WRTA Sets Stage for Bright New Future

April 2, 2009: Last week we promised you that WRTA was “ready to make some noise.” This week, we are fulfilling it. We have three major announcements, all of which set the stage for a very bright and exciting future ahead for WRTA and its members. Here they are…..

The Unveiling of WRTA’s New Logo – A Beacon of Light in the Travel Industry

WRTA is proud to unveil our NEW official logo. If you’ve been following the World Religious Travel Association over the past several years, you know that WRTA has evolved from a new organization into one of the major voices of the travel industry. Or more aptly put, WRTA’s voice has become a beacon of light for tourism and hospitality. It is for this reason and more, that the new WRTA official logo incorporates a globe with sunrays of light. This symbol also reflects the luminosity of new opportunities that faith-based travel brings to the trade and traveler alike. As “The Source and Voice of the Religious Travel Industry,” WRTA is proud and honored to accept its role of serving as a beacon of light in the global economy, the travel marketplace, and within your organization.

Debut of new WRTA website address (and email addresses)
WRTA is very pleased to debut our new official company website address: www.WRTAreligioustravel.com. Our new website sums up exactly who we are and what we promote: “WRTA” and “religious travel.” Possibly best yet, our new website address is not only easier to remember, but also shorter!

Launch of new and redesigned WRTA website
It is with great joy that we release this week our newly re-designed and enhanced website. Along with being more beautiful and engaging, the new WRTA website also provides much easier navigation. Plus, you have much more to look forward to, as we’re still in rolling out new features (including the new “Quick Search” directories). So stay tuned….there is much more to come in the following weeks and months!